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Vestavia provides incredible CNC turning services in Riga that are equipped with hard-wired controls and tools that greatly reduce the time needed to

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set-up, as well as an automatic index and part catching system that makes for incredible capabilities. The CNC turning machines used by Vestavia possess magazine bar feeders that greatly increase the production efficiency of the system. These features make our metal turning machinery much better suited for the metal fabrication of the most complex parts in the most precise way imaginable.

CNC Turning Certified ISO 9001:2015 sub-contractor

Vestavia has the ability to fabricate OEM parts for production runs of a larger scale. By using the precise CNC turning services we offer we have the capability to successfully serve the needs and desires of customers for a diverse array of markets, including dental and pharmaceutical industries, as well as food and electronic markets.

Capabilities of CNC Turning

Vestavia ensures that the +/- 0.01 mm precision of tolerance is always maintained, and through our advanced lathe turning equipment we are able to process bar stock to diameter lengths between 10 mm and 1000 mm.

Located in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, Vestavia has been the city’s premium place to go in the last 10 years for a full machine shop that includes CNC Machining, CNC turning services, welding services and custom metal fabrication services. We provide a very diverse area of expertise in many areas including tight egocentricity, fine finishes, and close tolerances, as well as additional complex features. We have the very best in CNC equipment and engineering, and our experience makes us the leader in CNC.

If you are looking for very best in machining services, contact Vestavia today.

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