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Custom Gear Manufacturing, Europe - Vestavia Gears Custom Gear Manufacturing, Europe - Vestavia Gears

Reliable Custom Gear Manufacturing Facility

Vestavia is a custom gear manufacturing facility in the European Union. It has been manufacturing gears to blueprint specifications and samples that are supplied by its customers. Vestavia is well equipped to manufacture many kinds of custom gears that include spurs, helicals, straight and spiral bevels. Vestavia has earned its reputation as a prominent custom gear manufacturer that specializes in offering custom ground and ancillary services including:

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Integrated Custom Gear Manufacturing for Commercial Industry Needs

 Vestavia is a comprehensively integrated custom gear manufacturing unit that serves the needs of the entire commercial industry throughout the European Union. It has built custom-made gears that have helped many a manufacturer of heavy duty machines, firearms and automotives and locomotives. It manufactures a vast range of custom gearing that includes spur gears, helical gears and bevel gears. Also provides gear, splines and keyway cutting services in materials that are supplied by its customers.

 Vestavia gear components will be found in various specialized applications of gears like automobile industries, agricultural equipment, actuators, metal working, specialized machine tools and mining equipment. Vestavia has managed to exceed the expectations of its customers on many occasions by providing extraordinary value by its custom gear manufacturing services. Regardless of whether it is just one gear for emergency repair or thousands of gears for a continuing assembly.

Supply of Custom Ground and Cut Gears

 Whether Vestavia manufactures gears from their start to finish or we work from the blanks provided by its customers. The vast range of custom gear manufacturing services offer quality gears to support almost any kind of application. Its precision cut and ground spur and helical gears, splines and straight bevels are made in the European Union. They are built after using equipment which can virtually accommodate any request made by its clients and this can include diameters that range from fraction of one inch up to a range of six feet. The projects will require services like prototyping, full design, pre-production and full production of custom gears. Its advanced custom gear manufacturing scope includes gear cutting, gear grinding, drilling, milling, surface. OD and ID grinding, turning, inspection, ID honing, broaching and key seating.

ISO 9001:2015 certificated

Vestavia has been in the business of designing as well as manufacturing precision custom gears for a long time now and it has built a reputation for proven and quality performance. Its custom gear manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified and its output of custom gears has consistently demonstrated the factor of reliability in highly demanding applications.

The vast experience of skilled engineers at Vestavia along with its wide-ranging custom gear manufacturing capabilities have made it easy for the company to maintain the challenging and the demanding standards required for the manufacture of gears. It will handle all scope and sizes of projects, regardless of whether they are small or large.

Custom Gear Manufacturing for Various Industrial Applications

For many years now, Vestavia has developed and sustained its reputation for offering solutions to several industrial applications. While complying with rigid quality standards, Vestavia’s machined parts and gears have earned it the trust of its clients in various industries that include

  • Mining Industry – Both underground and above ground excavation and mining need huge machines to dig, excavate and transfer materials. Vestavia has the extraordinary capacity to manufacture large shafts and gears that are required to maintain operations of this kind.
  • Energy Sector – Many power plants utilize turbines in order to generate power. Millions of people will depend on these turbines and their constant momentum to receive uninterrupted power. This necessitates quality components for quality machines. Vestavia offers such components to the power generation energy sector. Along with the machines and the tools that maintain these components. Solar and wind applications are on a rapid rise. Wind turbines will depend mostly on larger gears to transmit wind energy while the solar arrays utilize precise pinions so that they can have the rays of the sun focused on the solar towers of power. Components manufactured by Vestavia are used as an important crux in such machines and they are responsible for fluid and accurate movement to make sure that power does not get interrupted. In gas and oil applications, Vestavia offers splined shafts and gears that are strong and durable to withstand tough conditions.
  • Infrastructure Sector – Infrastructural integrity helps in maintaining society in an efficient and an organized manner. It helps in the maintenance of quality roads, drainage systems, sewers, electrical grids and public transportation systems.
  • Railroads Industry – Vestavia shafts and gears are used throughout the railroad sector in the European Union. Gears are used in locomotives and also in the switches found on the tracks. It plays an important part in keeping the train systems functioning.
Performance of a Vast Range of ISO-Compliant Custom Gear Manufacturing Services

A wide range of ISO-compliant services concerning custom gear manufacturing are provided by Vestavia. These services include –

  • Internal key seating with a range up to two-inches wide for parts that are up to two-feet long.
  • Shaft hobbing for parts that measure up to three-feet in diameter and up to fourteen-feet in length.
  • Broaching for fifty tons multiplied by tool lengths of up to hundred-inches.
  • Internal shaping for parts that are measuring up to seven feet in diameter and one and a half feet in their face.

The well-equipped custom gear manufacturing facility of Vestavia will be able to meet all the unique requirements of its clients, ranging from prototypes that are one-off to high volume and large scale production.

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